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Ground Breaking Change
Jongbon: The Past, Present & Future

“I glorified you on the earth, having accomplished the work which you have given me to do.” John 17:4

Welcome to Ground-Breaking Change (GBC)!

Our vision is to transform the nations one community at a time. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Jongbon Village, located about 15 miles from the capital city of Ibadan, in Southwest Nigeria. The Lord led us to Jongbon in 1998 through a ministry son who became privy to information about a 48-acre lot being up for sale. Though close in proximity to a major city, Jongbon was a forgotten village with no access to any modern amenities. We purchased the 48-acre lot with the original intent of using it as farmland. Almost ten years later, it was still in its original state!

In 2007, as we pondered how to move the ministry forward, the Lord said clearly, “use the land you already own!” Thus began the transformation work in Jongbon Village. Until the knowledge of HIS GLORY fills the earth…Habakkuk 2:14  ~ Bank Akinmola


Jongbon—a forgotten village in the outskirts of Ibadan in Southwest Nigeria.

The Past


  • Though located about 15 miles from the capital city of Ibadan, Jongbon could not be further from civilization.

  • The population of Jongbon is 2000.

  • The people wallow in abject poverty, with no access to modern amenities.

  • There is no school, electricity, potable water, or healthcare system in the community.

  • The only water source available is a stream in the community.

  • They live in mud houses with thatched roofs.

  • Their main occupation is farming.

  • Their religion is African Traditional Beliefs.

  • Their mission status is “Unreached.”

  • The average mortality rate in Jongbon is 39.

  • The people of Jongbon sit in darkness and the shadow of death, in dire need of transformation.

The Water

The only potable water in Jongbon is provided by World Outreach Missions

The Present

  • 2010, WOM established the only elementary (primary) school—WOM Community School.I

  • The teachers in the school are full-focused WOM missionaries.

  • The teachers double as healthcare providers.

  • 70 students from Jongbon’s Islamic and Pagan backgrounds are attending school for the first time.

  • The parents are thankful that their children are afforded an education for free.

  • WOM is investing in the younger generation, teaching them to shun the evil practices and corruption of the older generation.

  • The younger generation will be the trailblazers for a new national transformation.

  • Through the auspices of WOM, several medical missions trips have been organized to Jongbon.

  • The presence of WOM has brought hope to Jongbon.

The Future

The Lord is leading us to build WOM Center for Change (WCC), a 3-phase project.

The Future

  • Wcc will be a world-class campus to honor God, be an ongoing instrument of change and a legacy for future generations.

  • We will establish a full-boarding, revenue-generating secondary (high) school in phase 1.

  • Revenue generated from the school will fund the other phases.

  • Other phases to include the Global Mandate Institute, a conference/recreational center, training facilities as well as mechanized farming.

  • The school will be a catalyst for more industry in and around this once-forgotten community.

  • The economy of Jongbon will improve significantly.

  • The locals will be greatly empowered and the story of Jongbon will change forever!

  • I ask for your spiritual and financial support as we establish the will of God for Jongbon.

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